Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari arrested for prostitution again in Chennai

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Hot and bold Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari has been arrested on Saturday along with four men at her Adyar residence. Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari was arrested by Chennai police after a complaint by her neighbours for her alleged prostitution racket.

Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari is currently being interrogated by Chennai police for her network and associates. However Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari

has denied all charges and claims she was with her friends and not clients.

Tamil actress Bhoovaneswari has also been arrested earlier also in 2002 in Vadapalani on prostitution charges and was released later due to her political connections.

Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari has acted in Tamil movies, serials and item songs. Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari has acted in Telugu hot movie "KURKURE".

Tamil actress Bhuvaneswari is also known as Bhuvana alias Meena Kumari. Tamil actress Bhoovaneswari is 33 years old actress and due to her sexy boobs, some people call her as BOOBhuvaneswari.

Other Tamil actress Vinitha and Madhuri were also arrested in 2002 for prostitution but were acquitted because of their strong contacts with politicians.

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